AMP2.TV is your dedicated partner in the dynamic world of multimedia, offering a meticulously curated array of services designed to meet the audio and visual needs of businesses and individuals within our community. We specialize in the production of top-tier audio and visual commercial content, podcasts, and vodcasts, in collaboration with True Oldies South Florida, our primary goal is to resonate with audiences in a professional and impactful manner.

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum, encompassing everything from Internet podcasting production to terrestrial radio shows. We take pride in delivering exceptional production and broadcasting services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Evolving with the digital landscape, we specialize in crafting streaming shows tailored for social media platforms, Roku, and Amazon Fire Stick, ensuring that our clients achieve widespread reach across diverse audiences.

At the heart of AMP2.TV is an unwavering commitment that goes beyond merely meeting client expectations – it propels us to surpass them. Our mission is to act as facilitators for entrepreneurs and companies, empowering them to articulate their messages with unparalleled effectiveness. We aspire to be more than content creators; we strive to facilitate profound connections between our clients and their communities.

Making Waves

In the dynamic realm of multimedia, we understand the importance of standing out and creating a lasting impression. Whether through compelling visuals, engaging narratives, or innovative production techniques, we are committed to elevating our clients’ presence and impact. Our mission is rooted in the belief that through multimedia, businesses can transcend conventional boundaries and leave a lasting imprint on their target audience.

Aligned with the multimedia business goals of our clients, we don’t just seek to meet immediate needs; we contribute to their long-term success. We see ourselves as partners on a shared journey, tirelessly working to amplify our clients’ influence and leave an indelible mark in the ever-evolving landscape of multimedia communication.

Our Mission

As a live production house, our role extends beyond technical aspects. We see ourselves as storytellers, educators, and facilitators of conversations resonating with hope and information. Leveraging our expertise in audio and visual production, we strive to do more than spotlight businesses; we aim to illuminate their essence, helping them shine and reach unprecedented heights.

Our commitment extends to spreading positivity and sharing inspirational stories that serve as beacons of light in our community. We believe in the inherent power of uplifting narratives to inspire and motivate. Through our productions, we aim to shed light on the achievements and journeys of individuals and businesses, creating a ripple effect of inspiration that encourages others to amplify their impact in their ventures.

We envision a community where voices are amplified, stories are shared, and positivity reverberates through the transformative medium of media. By providing a multimedia platform for connection, education, and inspiration, we strive to contribute to the collective elevation of our community, encouraging individuals to reach new heights in their personal and professional endeavors through.