AMP2.TV Futures Program (AMFP) opens our studio’s doors to give students hands-on opportunities in the field of media production, marketing, oral and written communications, and business skills. Students will learn within the fields of interpersonal relationship skills, editing, video and radio broadcasting, public relations, digital media, and graphic design. The primary goal of the program is to provide a comprehensive and balanced approach for women in technology, arts and letters, educational opportunities, and in-person collaboration across all aspects of media.

Through investing in curriculum and equipment to create a positive impact, our mission is to help businesses and individuals within our community AMPlify their impact within an emotionally supportive learning and teaching environment. At AMP2.TV, our commitment to making a positive impact extends to providing hands-on opportunities for continuing education, targeting college students and beyond. We firmly believe in the value of continuous learning, and opening our studio doors to those seeking practical experiences that go beyond traditional educational settings.

We believe in empowering the future generation in media with responsibilities that extend across the entire production process. As producers, students actively engage with various facets of media production, gaining hands-on experience that enhances their understanding of the industry. This immersive involvement sets our students apart, providing them with a broader scope of proficiency, potentiality, and real-world experience.

Registration for our Futures Program will be opening soon.